Q. Will we be able to access the waters of Lake Albert from Apex Park or the Boat Club ramp on December 31??

So the fireworks can be set-up safely, boat ramps at Lake Albert will be closed from 8am on Monday 31 December 2018 until 7am the following day. Organisers would like to thank all members of the skiing/boating community for their understanding and support.

Q. What time will the fireworks start?

The fireworks will take place approximately between 9.30pm and 9.50pm. The best place to view the fireworks from will be from APEX Park.There will also be a short midnight fireworks display.

Q. Will we be able to swim in Lake Albert during the event?

For the safety of yourself and others, organisers strongly discourage adults and children from wading in the waters of Lake Albert during the event.


Q. Should I bring along my own seating?

Yes! Please BYO camping chair and/or picnic rug.


Q. Can I supply my own food and beverages?

Yes! While there will be a wide variety of vendors selling food and beverages on the day, you’re welcome to bring along your own eskies with food and drinks.

Q. Where should I park?

Those who live within walking distance of the lake are encouraged to leave their vehicle/s at home and walk to and from the event. Parking will be available along both sides of Eastlake Drive, along Main Street, and in the general vicinity.

APEX Park carpark will not be open to the public on the day.


Q. Will there be courtesy buses running on the night?

Organisers will invite local hotels to run a bus/buses from the corner of Eastlake Drive and Lake Street after the 9.30pm fireworks.


Q. Are there accessible toilets on site?

Yes, the permanent toilet block has accessible toilets.


Q. Can I bring my pet to Wagga Skyworks?

No. Due to the large numbers of people that will be in attendance and the fireworks, pets will not be prohibited. Please think of your pet and other patrons, and leave all animals at home this NYE.


Q. Can I smoke at the event?

The Wagga Skyworks precinct will be a non-smoking area. Smokers will be encouraged to use designated smoking areas during the event. 


Q. What happens to lost property?

Wagga Skyworks will assume no responsibility for any lost belongings. Please keep your belongings close to you at all times. 


Q. Will there be photographers and videographers present at the event?

Yes. There will be intermittent photography and video footage captured during the event. This content will feature public spaces and crowds attending the event. The photos and footage gathered on the night will be used for future promotional purposes by Wagga Skyworks (Rantselle Pty Ltd) and Visit Wagga Wagga.




In the event of an emergency patrons will be directed by Wagga Skyworks staff and volunteers to Lake Albert Oval.



If you have lost your child or have found a lost child, please report to the ‘Information/Wristband Tent’ located near the stage in APEX Park. From here, our friendly staff and/or relevant authorities will endeavour to reunite both parties.

To avoid unnecessary stress/confusion please write your mobile number on your child's wristband or on the inside of your child's forearm with permanent marker.